Adding Scheduler on your company domain is a feature available exclusively on our Team plan. Both G Suite and Office 365 email domains are supported. 

Step 1: Create a new email address within your Google or Office 365 account.
First, you'll need to create a user for your assistant in your Office 365 or Google account. If you are not the admin, you can send the admin these instructions so they can set up the users. You can

Google instructions for adding a new user
Office 365 instructions for adding a new user

Step 2: Set up mail forwarding.

Once your new users are created, you'll need to set up forwarding to For Google users, you'll need to log into you newly created scheduler@ user to set this up:

Setting up forwarding on Google
Setting up forwarding on Office 365

For Google forwarding you'll need an authentication code from You'll get an email from to the new custom broker you've created (e.g. Once you've entered the code your forwarding will be setup.

Note: Microsoft-hosted email domains may require additional configuration in order to allow to send email through the Scheduling AI's address. Should you be unable to send or receive email, try following the steps laid out here.

Step 3: Connect the new account to
The last thing you need to do is login to your Control Center and connect the Google or Office 365 account for

Go to and click on the Connect with Google or Connect with Microsoft button under Step 3 and authenticate using the newly created account of

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