You may need to manually accept the invite depending on your calendar settings. Amy and Andrew send invites as a standardized version of the ICS file that you have to add to your calendar. Depending on your calendar settings, this happens either automatically when you receive an invite, or only when you accept it. In Google calendar, you can set to automatically add invites to your calendar by going into your calendar settings, then scroll down to the bottom. You’ll find the Automatically add invitations to my calendar: section. Make sure to check off the “Yes” option then hit save.

By default, Amy and Andrew will always send the meeting invite to the email address you used to start the meeting. So if you request a meeting with your Gmail address, Amy and Andrew will send the invite to that same email. If you'd like to have all of your invites be sent to one email address regardless of which you use to send in the request, you can edit that here on

Click the checkbox and then select the email address where you’d like all invites to be sent. All of the email addresses on your profile will be displayed in the dropdown for you to choose from.

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