First, make sure you are attempting to connect a supported calendar. Right now we fully support Google, Office 365, and
If you're having trouble connecting a Microsoft calendar, there are 3 most likely reasons the connection isn't working:

  1. The calendar you're trying to add isn't associated with one of the emails on your profile. If this is the case, or an alias email for the account needs to be included, then you'll want to log into, go here, and add the relevant email first. Then if you try again to connect the calendar, it should work.

  2. Caching issues. Some customers have reported issues with caching on their browsers when trying to log into their Microsoft calendar. Try clearing your cache and connecting again.

  3. The Microsoft calendar is hosted on an Exchange server. If this is the case, unfortunately we aren't yet able to support Microsoft Exchange calendars. We will be enabling this support soon!

Unfortunately, If you are on Exchange then Amy and Andrew won’t be able to work for you since using them without access to all your calendars could result in double bookings. If you're unsure whether your Microsoft calendar is running on Exchange, the best person to contact would be an admin on the account or your IT department. They should be able to confirm your calendar type. You can also test your calendar here to see if it's supported by
You can see instructions for cancelling your account here if your calendar is hosted on Exchange.
If you are on Office 365 you may also see this error displayed after entering your credentials: "Does not have access to consent"
This means your account has to be authorized internally for use with - most likely this means someone in your IT department will have to grant authorization.
 When reaching out to IT you'll want to check 2 things:

  1. If they can approve for access to your account

  2. If your Office 365 calendar is hosted on an Exchange server

#1 will solve the login problem, and #2 is a preemptive check because if the calendar is hosted on Exchange, unfortunately solving the login issue wouldn't solve the fact that we won't be able to then connect with your calendar until we have built full Integration for Exchange.
Having another issue or a specific error popping up on the screen? Let us know on live chat or email

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