What is a Follow-Up?

When you ask x.ai to schedule a meeting, they reach out to your guests to confirm a time. If your guests do not respond, they will send follow up emails to try to get the meeting scheduled. 

Default Settings for Follow-Ups

By default, the frequency of x.ai's follow-ups to your guests will be based on the duration of the availability given. If the end of your availability is more than 30 days out, the follow-ups will go out every 4 days. If the end of availability is less than 30 days out, the follow-ups will go out every 2 days. As a default, we will send a maximum of 2 follow-up emails.

For example: If you ask Amy on November 25 to schedule a meeting in December, we will send a follow-up email on Nov. 29 and again on Dec. 3 — two follow-ups four days apart since the end of availability for this meeting runs to December 31 (more than 30 days from the original request date).

Customize Scheduling Follow-ups

If you want to customize the number and frequency of scheduling follow-ups, you can do so by editing the Meeting Template. Under the Email Scheduling section, you can opt to change the maximum number of follow ups and how many days you want between follow ups.

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