What is a Follow-Up?

When you ask x.ai to schedule a meeting, they reach out to your guests to confirm a time. If your guests do not respond, they will send follow up emails to try to get the meeting scheduled. 

Default Settings for Follow-Ups

By default, the frequency of x.ai's follow-ups to your guests will be based on the duration of the availability given. If the end of your availability is more than 30 days out, the follow-ups will go out every 4 days. If the end of availability is less than 30 days out, the follow-ups will go out every 2 days. As a default, we will send a maximum of 2 follow-up emails.

For example: If you ask Amy on November 25 to schedule a meeting in December, we will send a follow-up email on Nov. 29 and again on Dec. 3 — two follow-ups four days apart since the end of availability for this meeting runs to December 31 (more than 30 days from the original request date).

How to Customize Follow-Ups for Ad Hoc Meetings

If you’d like the change your follow-up settings for Ad hoc meetings, head over to my.x.ai/adhoc and scroll to the bottom to set your preferred follow-up frequency and the maximum number of follow-ups:

How to Customize Follow-Ups for a Meeting Type

You can also customize your follow-up settings for specific meeting types. To do this, go to https://my.x.ai/calendarpage/templates and select the meeting template you’d like to change by clicking “edit.” Then scroll down to Follow Ups:

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