x.ai will look up to 3 months in the future on your calendar when setting up a meeting, and if they can’t find time in the next few months, they’ll push back to you and let you know. There are a few different reasons x.ai may not be able to find time on your calendar:

  1. The most common reason is that there are all day events or reminders on your calendar that are set to “busy” instead of “available”. You may have set a reminder this week to “Work on the budget proposal” which is set to “busy” when you can actually take meetings. You can see more on “busy” vs “available” settings here. Once those events are set to available, just go to the meting on my.x.ai and update the timing to have x.ai try again.

  2. Your guest may have stated they have limited availability that doesn't match with your set hours or schedule for the next few months e.g. “I can only meet on Wednesdays at 3 PM” when you aren’t able to meet on Wednesdays. You can add Wednesdays as an option for the meeting on my.x.ai to get your meeting back on track.

  3. You may be meeting with someone in a different timezone whose hours don’t match with yours. x.ai will stretch your scheduling hours a bit to accommodate a time difference, but if you have limited scheduling hours and are meeting with someone who is 8 or more hours off, they may have trouble finding a suitable time. You can always let them know when you want them to ignore preferred scheduling hours by adding custom time ranges for the meeting:

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