You can add multiple email addresses to your account. Once the email address has been added, you can initiate meetings with Scheduler, Amy and Andrew from any of them.

You can add email addresses from the Name & Emails page under your Account settings.

You can make any email address your Primary email, which is the email address will use to for account notifications, education, and your daily meeting summaries. Scheduler, Amy, and Andrew will send specific meeting updates to whatever email address you initiated the meeting from.

If you have multiple calendars connected to, events will be added to the calendar that best matches the email address you used to start the meeting. This is the default setting, and you can update it here.

Note: If you have a FREE plan, all of your meetings will be scheduled on the calendar you've connected, which you can see under your Connected Calendars setting. Individual and Team plan users can schedule meetings on unlimited calendars. You can always upgrade your account by visiting your Subscription settings on

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