When you sign up for x.ai, we ask for access to your calendar so we can help book your meetings. In order to do this, you need to tell your calendar provider (Google or Microsoft) that we are “authorized” to edit, share, and delete items from your calendar.

We know the wording can sound a bit scary, and we want to be transparent about why we need this access and how we use it:

When you share access to your calendar, you’re giving x.ai the ability to see the meetings on your calendar. This allows us to understand when you’re free or busy, so we can schedule your meetings.

We need the ability to edit your calendar so we can automatically insert new events that we schedule for you. We ask for permission to delete events so we can remove canceled or rescheduled meetings.

We need to be able to add and remove events on your behalf, and in order to do that we have to request the ability to modify calendars, including deletion. We would never do that, of course, it's just part of the permissions we have to request.

x.ai works for you and you’re always in control. We do not own your data. We do not and will not sell your data, individually or in aggregated form.

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