This application allows you to initiate meetings with Amy and Andrew via Slack. This will only need to be installed once per Slack workspace.

Already installed this app and just want some tips on starting a meeting in Slack? Click here to learn more.

  1. Click here to get started with installation. 

2. If you're already an customer, you’ll be redirected to where you can login to your existing account and confirm the installation. Continue to step 4 if you are NOT already an customer.

3. You’ll then be redirected to Slack where you’ll see this welcome message:

4. If you are not already an customer, you’ll be directed to our signup page. You can select the plan you want and complete the form to finish the signup process.

5. Once you’ve successfully completed check out, you’ll be directed to to add meeting scheduling preferences and contact information.

6. After that is completed and you’ve gone through the account setup, you’ll be directed to complete the Slack app installation.

7. You’ll then be directed back to slack where you’ll see this message:

Now you’re all set and can schedule with Amy and Andrew on Slack! To learn more about using this feature check out our article on Slack initiated meetings.

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