To use this integration you will first need to install the app for Slack.
To start a new meeting, just use /scheduler along with the meeting details and @ the slack name of the participants you’d like to meet with. You can also include the guest's email address in the message.

Scheduler will confirm the details you’ve provided and let you know an email has been sent to get the meeting started. All further meeting updates will need to be via email within that chain instead of Slack.
In Slack, you can get a full list of meetings they are working on and have recently scheduled by using /scheduler meetings. They will give you a list, and from there you can click through to to view the full meeting details. This list will only be visible to you and not to anyone else in the direct message or channel.

If you need a reminder on how to cue Scheduler via Slack, use /scheduler help. They’ll give you a brief description on how to start a new meeting, add a reminder to your calendar, or request your list of meetings.

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