What is your primary email used for?

Your primary email is used for two purposes:


You’ll receive meeting confirmations, which are reminders for meetings that have been scheduled 10+ days in advance. You’ll also receive network connection notifications when someone connects with you on the x.ai scheduling network.

Daily Meeting Prep

x.ai sends an email every evening to this email address to help you prepare for the upcoming day of meetings.

Your Notification Preferences can be updated here.

Changing your primary email:

To change your primary email address, go to your Account page on the upper right-hand corner:

On this page you’ll see a list of the email addresses you have connected to x.ai:

To make an existing email address your primary, click on the blue “make primary” button.

If you want to add a new email address as your primary, add the email address in the “Add another email address” input box, click the “add” button, and then you will have the option to make it your primary.

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