Amy and Andrew make it easy to schedule meetings with your coworkers. If you and your guest(s) are in the same company (on the same domain) and using Google calendar or Office 365, our system can retain your shared calendar settings. This means Amy and Andrew can see free/busy information and can easily find a time when you and your coworkers are free, without having to ask them. This is a preference for those on our Team plan, and a Team admin can set it up by going to

Do Amy and Andrew know if my coworker is in a different timezone?

Yep! Amy and Andrew will check to see what timezone your coworker's calendar is in and take that into account when finding a time. If for some reason they aren't able to get the timezone information from the calendar, they'll fall back to using your timezone information. You can also let Amy and Andrew know over email what timezone your coworker is in.

How do I start using this with my coworkers?

This feature is available to those on our Team plan. A team admin is able to turn this on for all team members by going to Once it's been turned on for your team, just ask Amy or Andrew to schedule a meeting with your coworkers (be sure to use their work email) and any external guests as you usually would. As an added bonus, when you meet with only coworkers on your domain and Amy and Andrew have all of their free/busy information, they will send an invite right away with no negotiating. Scheduling Nirvana. :)

Who is considered a coworker?

Any meeting participant who is on the same domain as you will be considered a “coworker," and Amy and Andrew will not ask them for a time if the free/busy information from their calendar is visible.

What information from my coworkers' meetings does Amy and Andrew use?

Amy and Andrew are only using the free/busy information and the timezone information from your coworkers' calendars. Even if you are able to see full event information, such as meeting participants or meeting titles, Amy and Andrew are not using this information.

Want to turn on calendar sharing?

Those on our Team plan can turn it on by having a team admin go to For those on our Individual plan, you can upgrade to Team here.

Toggle the switch to enable and you're all set!

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