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What types of conference rooms can I connect?
We support conference rooms that are set up in G Suite or Office 365 as Resources.

How do I connect rooms for my Team?
To connect conference rooms, a Team admin can go to my.x.ai/admin/conferencerooms to connect Conference Rooms for your team.

Why can’t I see all the conference rooms that my organization has set up?
If you are seeing 0 rooms connected or only a subset of the rooms connected, the most likely reason is that they aren’t configured as meeting spaces in G Suite or Office 365.

There are different categories for how a resource can be set up depending on if it is a meeting space or another type of resource (like a projector, etc). Make sure all rooms are set as "Meeting Spaces" using the instructions below:

G Suite

  1. Go to https://admin.google.com/ac/calendarresources/resources

  2.  For each conference room, click the edit pencil and under category, set to "Meeting space (room, phone booth,...)" and then click "Update Resource"

Once you've updated that in the G Suite Admin, you'll just need to refresh the rooms on my.x.ai/admin/conferencerooms and should be good to go!

Office 365

For Office 365 you set the type when adding that resource for the first time. After it's been created you can't edit, so they will have to deleted and created again as a room.

Booking Conference Rooms

How do I get Scheduler book a conference room? 
If you always need a conference room for a specific type of meeting, you can enable it on a Meeting Template's preferences. Then Scheduler will always look for a conference room when you are using that Meeting Template.

You can also request a conference room when you use the Meeting Creator by enabling this toggle.

What happens if Scheduler can’t find a room?
Scheduler will first find a time with your guests and then look for a room available at that time. If there is not a room available, they will go ahead and book the meeting without the room. You’ll get an email letting you know that they couldn’t find an available conference room for that meeting.

Do they understand the capacity of the room?
Yes, the capacity of the room is taken into consideration when deciding which room to book. They try to find the smallest room that will accommodate your number of guests to avoid cases where you book a room that fits 12 for a 2 person meeting. 

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