Right now, Amy and Andrew can only schedule a meeting with up to 4 required guests who are not x.ai users, though we do hope for this to be unlimited in the future. That said, Amy and Andrew can work with an unlimited number of x.ai users or your coworkers with the shared calendar feature

If you have more than 4 guests in a meeting, you can let Amy and Andrew know if any additional participants are optional. Optional participants won’t need to confirm a time, but they will get the final invite once the meeting is scheduled.

You can cue Amy and Andrew on optional attendees like this:

"Andrew, schedule a call next week. Brian is optional."

Additionally, you can also set a guest to be optional on your meetings page on my.x.ai. Just click into the meeting on your dashboard and then click on the edit icon next to your guest’s name. There you can set a guest to be required or optional with a click.

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