You can invite an unlimited number of guests to meetings you schedule with

If your guests are also users, we’ll instantly schedule the meeting using everyone’s availability and preferences.

If your guests are not users, we’ll find times that work for everyone.

Multi-participant meetings with Ad hoc

To schedule an Ad hoc meeting with multiple guests, simply CC all of your guests in your email to Amy (or Andrew). Include the specific parameters you’d like, and Amy will reach out to your guests to find everyone’s overlapping availability. Note: You can also initiate the meeting from directly.

Each participant will receive an email that asks them to select multiple time options that work for them. They can also mark themselves as optional, be removed from the meeting if they aren't needed, or select times on behalf of other guests in the meeting.

On this calendar view, your guest can check off multiple times they are available to meet. The first guest to select times will see the view below.

Once one guest has selected times, all subsequent guests in the meeting will see a different view that will show the list of times that have already been selected. This is to help narrow things down so that we can find an overlapping time. 

If there is an overlapping option for all guests, we'll choose one and book the meeting automatically once all guests have selected times.  If there are no overlapping options, we'll let you know so you can try again.

Multi-participant meetings with Calendar Page 

To allow your guests to add additional guests using your Calendar Page, go to your Meeting Templates and click on “edit”. Scroll down to “Restrictions” and you can turn on the preference to allow your guests to add an additional 10 guests to your meeting using your Meeting Template preferences! An invitation with the time selected will be sent to all of the added guests.  

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