When you schedule a meeting, you can designate specific people to be optional.

When a guest is marked as optional, they will still receive the calendar invite but their availability won’t be taken into consideration when selecting a time for the meeting. Their optional status will also carry over into the calendar invite.

There are two ways to designate someone as being optional for your meeting:

When you’re initiating a meeting over email or Slack with Scheduler, Amy, or Andrew CC’d, you can indicate that a guest should be optional, i.e. “Make Henry optional” or “Joseph will be optional for this meeting.” Be as clear as possible, and be sure to review the confirmation email from Scheduler/Amy/Andrew to make sure the correct person was set as optional.

Meeting Edit page

You can also make someone optional when you’re on the meeting edit page. To get to the meeting edit page, either click “Update details” directly from x.ai's email or go to your Meeting History page and click on the title of the meeting.

You can make anyone optional (including yourself!) by clicking the silhouette avatar next to the name of the person you want to be optional. When the avatar is just an outline, they’ve been made optional. Don’t forget to hit “Save”!

In this example meeting, Lauren and Miguel have been marked as optional.

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