There are several ways to access's rescheduling function. You can view your meetings on or on your Meeting History page and click on the reschedule button.

When you click on Reschedule, you’ll have the option to let your AI assistant find the next available time, chose available slots for the upcoming week, select available slots for a custom range you can input, or set the date and time of the meeting. When you click Reschedule here, Amy or Andrew will get to work rescheduling.

Alternatively, you can reschedule a meeting by going into the meeting details. Find the meeting on your Meeting history page. When you click on the title of the meeting, it’ll bring you to the meeting status, where you have the option to either edit or reschedule the meeting.

If you prefer to edit the meeting directly, click Edit and then you can choose the dates/times you would like.

You can also reschedule a meeting directly from your calendar by clicking the Reschedule link within the invitation:

This will take you to your meeting status page, where you can either edit the meeting directly or click Reschedule.

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