Amy and Andrew's follow up frequency to your guests depends on the dates they are offering for the meeting. If they are trying to find time within the next couple of days, they will follow up more often than for a meeting they’re trying to schedule a month from now.

By default, Amy and Andrew will aim to find a time that’s 2 or 3 days after the date of your meeting request. They can speed up or slow down this timeline if you let them know more specifics in the meeting request. This is one way to make sure they don’t follow up too quickly for a meeting that doesn't need to be scheduled right away.

Let them know things like:

“Andrew, schedule a call 2 weeks from now.”“Amy, find a time next month for us to meet in the office”

They will send 2 reminders after their first email to your guest, and if they don’t hear back after the 2nd reminder, they'll stop taking action and give you a detailed status update on their attempts. You can always tell Amy and Andrew to reach out to your guest and try again.

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