Yes, you can have Amy and Andrew reschedule your manually set events with the link included on the invite. Manage this setting here.

On Google calendar, we add a link to each event like this:

On Office365 it shows up as an attachment that you can click to reschedule:

When you click on the link or attachment, you’ll be directed to and see this:

You can choose to schedule for the next available time, the following few days, or the following week. Select one of these options to reschedule, and will reach out to your guests to find a time and send a new invite. If the meeting is with coworkers and you’re on the Team plan, Amy and Andrew will look at their calendar and schedule without any extra emails!

Does this work with recurring meetings?

Yes, you can use the links to reschedule the next upcoming event in a recurring sequence. The upcoming event must also be within the next 7 days. If the meeting doesn’t meet this criteria the link will not be available.

If you need to move the recurring event permanently, you can simply edit the next occurrence as you typically would. 

Not seeing the reschedule link on an invite?

The links will only be added for meetings occurring in the next 30 days. For recurring meetings, the link will only be added to the single next occurrence of the event. E.g. for a weekly recurring meeting, there will be a link for next week’s event, but not for any future events.

Reschedule links are only added to meetings that have 0, 1 or 2 required guests. If the meeting has more than 2 required guests (not counting the host) then the link will not be added. Optional guests don’t count as we won’t reach out to them to confirm times.

Who can use the link?

Only active customers can use these links.

How often do the links get updated?

They are updated nightly.

Don’t want these links included?

Contact support and we can turn off this feature for you.

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