The Chrome Extension lets you easily insert your calendar page URLs into Gmail, as well as edit and add new Meeting Templates — all without leaving your current tab when you're using the Google Chrome browser.

How to use the Chrome Extension in Gmail

After you install the Chrome Extension, you'll see the logo at the bottom of your compose window in Gmail.

Click the logo to see your available Meeting Templates.

For every Meeting Template, you'll have the option to insert a full sentence, a URL to the calendar page, an embedded link to the calendar page, or a slash command (if you're including Amy or Andrew on the email).

How to use the Chrome Extension in a browser tab

In a Google Chrome browser tab, click on the Chrome extension in the upper righthand corner.

From here, you can expand the "Calendar Pages" menu to see all of your Meeting Templates. You can create a new one, make changes to existing ones, and copy a link to them — all while never leaving your tab.

If you have pending meetings, you can also confirm them directly from the Chrome extensions.

Booked it! So easy!

Install the Chrome Extension.

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