Login to my.x.ai and click on Preferences then Meeting Types to get started.

Add in the location, meeting type name, the title you’d like to use for these meetings, and a greeting. The greeting will only be shown on the calendar page URL for your meeting type.

Then you can add specific scheduling preferences like time frame, days of the week, and other advanced settings including whether you’d like to confirm the meeting before it’s scheduled.

Once you hit create, you’ll get a unique URL to your calendar page for that meeting type, and you can also use a / command with meeting type name via email. To learn more about scheduling with meeting types, check out this article on scheduling.

You can click the arrow on any meeting type to get the details or make it your default meeting type. If you send someone to your general link (x.ai/calendar/jill for example) without the meeting type included, we will use the parameters set for your default.

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