Log in to my.x.ai and click on your name in the upper righthand corner. Then, click on Calendar Pages.

Click on "New Meeting Template to get started.

Type in your "Meeting Template name" and the Calendar Page URL and Trigger.

Next, select the Location for this Meeting Template.

You have several options, including to ask your guest for details. If you've already added Locations to your account preferences, they'll show up here as options.

Next, add in the details for when guests can schedule this Meeting Template with you.

You can customize the "Scheduling hours," which are the days and hours this Meeting Template is available. You will also set the Meeting Duration, which is how long this meeting is.

Next, add your available dates.

The default is to make this Meeting Template available indefinitely, but you can also opt to make it available for a rolling period of days or a specific date range.

You can also limit how close to the meeting time your guest can book this Meeting Template. You can specify "breather time," meaning how much time you want before and after this Meeting Template. You can choose to limit the number of available slots you offer for this Meeting Template, and you can opt to only schedule this Meeting Template at the top of the hour.

Additional Customizations

You can customize how often we'll follow up with your guests.

You can also set restrictions for the Meeting Template.

You can personalize the Meeting Template with a custom Greeting that will appear at the top of the corresponding Calendar Page. Custom invite notes will be included with the calendar invites for this Meeting Template.

Finally, you can add Custom Fields to the Meeting Template. These will be optional or required fields for your guest to fill out when they book a meeting from your Calendar Page.

When you've done all this, click "Create" and the Meeting Template will be ready to use.

Learn more about how to use Meeting Templates.

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