In this example, Lauren wants to schedule a demo with Connie. She has already set up a demo Meeting Template where she determined the meeting specifics (length of time, location, etc.).

Lauren can then use the /demo Slash Command in the email with her guest and your Scheduling AI cc'd. 

Your Scheduling AI will detect the slash command, and immediately email your guest to schedule the meeting. In the email to your guest(s), they’ll offer time options that match with your availability and the preferences for the specific Meeting Template.

Once your guest confirms the the time, Amy, Andrew, or Scheduler will send the invitation to you everyone including the time and location. 

Note: When you use a slash command, your Scheduling AI will begin scheduling immediately, no confirmation needed. This is because they already have everything they need from your Meeting Template.

⚠️ Important Note:

When using a Slash Command, your Scheduling AI will ignore all other information in the email, including time constraints. Think of it like using one of your Calendar Pages, just over email and with multiple guests. If you need to modify the parameters of a meeting in the email, use an Ad Hoc (natural language) meeting request instead.

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