Ad hoc meetings are one-off meetings that are scheduled with one of’s AI assistants, Amy and Andrew.

When you schedule an Ad hoc meeting, Amy or Andrew will coordinate with your guests to find a time.

You can initiate an Ad hoc meeting several different ways:

Email Amy or Andrew

When you CC Amy or Andrew into an email, you can include the meeting location, time, and participant statuses (optional or mandatory) in natural language.

Amy will process your request immediately and send back a confirmation email to ensure she got all of the details correct.

You have the option to book the meeting from the confirmation email by clicking “Book it now!” or replying “yes” to the email.

You can also click “Update details” to edit the meeting details before Amy will start reaching out to your guests to schedule the meeting.

Amy and Andrew don’t read your emails

You can loop Amy or Andrew into an email thread at any point in a conversation, but they will only react to your initial request to schedule a meeting.

This means they won’t respond to further emails from you and your guests.

When your guests are in the network

Meetings can be scheduled instantly because Amy/Andrew can automatically compare calendars to find a time that works for everyone.

This means that when you initiate an Ad hoc meeting and confirm the details, Amy will schedule the meeting immediately. Boom! Done!

Send a Slack to Amy

Add to Slack, then schedule a meeting from any Slack channel with the command /amy and @mention your guests with the meeting details.

You’ll receive an email to confirm the meeting details, then Amy/Andrew will get to work.

Start a meeting from

Click the “Start a New Meeting” button at the bottom right of your Meeting History page.

Here, you can add and select all of your meeting details.

When you click “Start scheduling,” Amy will immediately reach out to your guests to schedule the meeting. Note: You won’t receive a confirmation email when you initiate this meeting because you input your preferences directly.

Ad hoc meeting preferences

You can customize preferences for your Ad hoc meetings under the Scheduling Defaults menu. Amy and Andrew will adhere to these preferences every time you initiate a meeting request.

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