You can add guests to an existing meeting by going to your Meeting History page on When you click on the title of the meeting, it’ll bring you to the meeting edit page. To add a new guest to a meeting, start typing in their email address (if you’ve met with them before suggestions will populate below):

Once you’ve entered in their email in full (or chosen it from the drop down), click Add.

You can specify which timezone the guest is in by clicking on the carrot icon, and you can make guests optional by clicking on the silhouette icon.

Be sure to hit the Save button on the bottom, and Amy will reach out to your newly added guest!

For Meeting Templates, you can turn on the preference to allow guests to invite up to 10 more guests! When editing your Meeting Template, scroll to “Restrictions” and toggle on “Allow guests to invite others when scheduling.”

Once this is turned on, when your guests go to your Meeting Template page and select a time, they’ll have an option to add guests:

Once they click on “Add Guests” they’ll be able to input up to 10 additional email addresses to invite to the meeting:

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