You can set default preferences for your Ad hoc meetings that will be used by default unless you explicitly tell Amy or Andrew otherwise, or directly edit it.

Scheduling Hours

The first preference you can set is your scheduling hours. You can choose any combination of times and days of the week, and Amy will not schedule outside of these hours.

Duration and Breather Time

You can set a default meeting duration for your meetings, meaning that Amy/Andrew will default to this length of time for meetings if you don’t specify otherwise.

You can also set a default meeting breather time. Meeting breather time is the time between meetings. If you set this for more than 0 minutes, Amy will book meetings to ensure you have this amount of time in between (before and after).

Invite Notes

Invite notes allow you to include custom notes in the description of all your Ad hoc meeting invitations.

Open Meeting Slots

This calendar view gives you a quick overview of how much availability you have for the current week with your set scheduling hours.


You can add a default location for your Ad hoc meetings when another location isn’t mentioned.

You can also add Preferred Locations for specific types of meetings, like Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee, and Office.

For example: If you asked Amy to schedule a “coffee meeting,” she’ll automatically include Happy Bones and its address as the location for the meeting.

You can add, remove, and edit all of the below locations on the Locations Settings page.

Requesting Location Details

By default, you (as the host) are responsible for choosing a meeting location, but you can toggle that preference to instead have Amy ask your guests to choose the location.

Likewise, by default you are responsible for initiating phone calls, but you can also toggle the setting so your guests will call you at the phone number of your choosing.

Follow Ups

By default, Amy will send a number of follow-up emails to your guests to confirm a time for the meeting. The number of follow-ups depends on several factors, including how far out you’re scheduling the meeting for.

If you prefer, you can specify how many times you would like Amy to follow up with your guests to confirm a time.

Similarly, by default, Amy’s follow-ups to your guests will occur days apart dynamically, depending on how far out the meeting is.

You can choose instead to wait a specific number of days between follow-ups. Keep in mind that the longer the time in between Amy’s follow-ups, the longer it will take to schedule the meeting.

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