When you'd like to customize the title for a specific meeting, you can let Amy and Andrew know the title you would like in your Slack or Email meeting request. Use words like "subject" or "title" and put quotation marks around the title itself so Amy and Andrew are sure to see what you mean, like this:

  • "Amy, please title this meeting Q3 Budget Review"

  • "Andrew, call this meeting Follow-up with Bernard"

Note: I put the period after the quotation mark. We know this isn't grammatically correct, but it prevents the period from being included in the Meeting Title.

You'll see the Meeting Title you specified included in the confirmation email they send you before they begin scheduling, and it will be included on the calendar invite when the meeting is scheduled.

Meeting Titles in Foreign Languages

You can also specify the title of the meeting in one of the supported 55 languages over email or Slack! Say "call it/the meeting" or "title it/the meeting" in the language you are writing in, and x.ai will not only predict the meeting details in that language, but will also predict the title.


  • /scheduler find 2 timer i slutningen af ​​næste uge på mit kontor med @Ammon, @Lauren McCullough og @liying. Ammon er frivillig og kald dette: "Produkt snak"

  • /amy agenda una reunion el miercoles que viene y llamala “revision de metas”

Editing the Meeting Title

You can always change the Meeting Title. If you want to change it immediately after sending the request to Amy or Andrew, you can click "Update details" in the confirmation email.

If you want to change it after the meeting has been scheduled, you can go to the Meeting Edit view on my.x.ai and make changes in the "Title" field. Make sure you hit "Save" when you're finished.

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