Whether you're CCing Amy or Andrew on an email or using a Slack command, you can always request a specific time for your meeting.

Include the specific date, time, or timeframe you want the meeting to take place in. Amy and Andrew will then offer times that work with your availability and Ad hoc preferences for the timeframe provided. 

  • “Amy, please schedule a call this week.”
  • "Andrew, can you please find time for us to have drinks on Friday?”
  • "Amy, schedule a Zoom meeting in June"
  • "Let's get lunch next week. Andrew will find us a time."
  • "Schedule a 30 minute meeting for us at 11am tomorrow."

You should see the time you requested reflected in the confirmation email you receive from Amy or Andrew, and you can always update this in the Meeting Edit view.

Setting Time on my.x.ai

You can also set the time yourself by booking the meeting on my.x.ai directly.

Click on the "Choose" drop-down menu and input the data, time, or range you'd like the meeting to be scheduled for.

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