If you'd like to add additional information like a meeting agenda, parking information, or just a general note to your guest, x.ai can add notes to the invite for you.

If you are using email or Slack, let them know what note you’d like to add and put quotation marks around it to ensure they pick up the correct text in your email. The text in quotations will be added to the invitation.

  • Please add the note: “Parking is in the garage next door. Please check in at the desk in the lobby and I will come to meet you."

  • Add a note: “Call me at 555-123-4567 when you get here."

  • Please add this note: "Agenda: "updates, deck review, metrics check in

You can also update your Meeting Templates with a message that will be added to all meetings using that template. To add this, go to your Meeting Templates and add one under the Personalization section.

Finally, you can also update this when using the Meeting Creator or editing a meeting by clicking on the + Add Invite Note to expand the field so you can add your note. Be sure to hit "Save."

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