For an in-person meeting, you can let Amy and Andrew know to use one of your saved locations. We'll pick up the details and add it to the invite.

You can add all your favorite in-person meetings spots here and include the name in the Ad hoc meeting request.

  • "Amy find us a time to meet at Bluestone Lane" 
  • "Andrew, schedule an hour for us at Pearl Diner"

For locations you use often like your office and favorite coffee shop, you can save those as preferred locations for even easier scheduling.

Just cue with the words 'office', 'breakfast', 'lunch' or 'coffee' and we'll automatically include the location you've selected.

  • "Andrew schedule 45 minutes at my office next week"
  • "Amy will find us some time for lunch in July"
  • Andrew, set up a coffee meeting for us on Thursday"
  • "Let's grab breakfast tomorrow! Amy will get it on the calendar."

If you want to meet somewhere that you don't have saved in your preferences, just tell Amy and Andrew the name and address so they can include the details.

  • “Let’s get drinks on Friday! Andrew will find us some time at the Irish American 17 John Street, New York, NY 10038.”
  • “Amy, please see when Jen can meet for coffee this week at Gregory’s 42 Broadway, New York, NY 10004.”
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