Your “Daily Meeting Prep” email is designed to help prepare you for your upcoming day of meetings. It’ll be sent to you every night for the day ahead. It includes all of your meetings, with full details on your guests (including links to their LinkedIn profiles) and has actionable links to Reschedule any of your meetings. Each meeting also has a link to the Meeting Page, where you can update any of the meeting details.

In addition to showing all of your meetings for the next day, This email includes valuable information on who you’re meeting with, whether any meetings are missing details, and whether you have any conflicts on your calendar. It will also let you know if you've reached your Global Max for the day and show the schedule for meetings with any Pre-Meeting Reminders or Post-Meeting Actions.

Daily Meeting Prep is turned ON for all users by default. You can turn it off in your Daily Meeting Prep preferences. You can also turn off specific sections.

If you have multiple email addresses connected to your account, your Daily Meeting Prep will be sent to the address that is set as primary under your Account settings. If you make another email address primary, that evening's Daily Meeting Prep will be sent to that email.

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