A coordinator is someone who negotiates a meeting on behalf of other guests.

You can designate someone as a coordinator when you have at least two other guests in the meeting. When a coordinator is designated, Amy will negotiate the time and location of the meeting with the coordinator directly (on behalf of the guest they are coordinating for), and will send both the coordinator and guest the invite. Amy will not take the coordinator’s own availability into consideration while negotiating the meeting.

You can designate a coordinator by going to the Meeting Edit page, and click the carrot icon to the right of the name of the guest. A menu will display below the name, with the option to toggle on “Is a coordinator,” and then choose the guest(s) who the coordinator is coordinating for:

You can be a coordinator for multiple guests in the meeting and you can designate the coordinator at any point in the meeting negotiation through the Meeting Edit page. The meeting host (the person who schedules the meeting) cannot have a coordinator. 

Note: At this time, you can only designate someone as a coordinator on a meeting-by-meeting basis. This means that when you designate someone as a coordinator for a meeting, their status as a coordinator will be retained for that individual meeting, including reschedules and other follow-ups. If you’d like them to be a coordinator for a future meeting, you’ll need to update their status accordingly.

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