** Not using Wordpress? Embed Calendar Pages on any website. **

The x.ai WordPress plugin can be installed from the official Wordpress plugins directory. In WordPress, click Plugins -> Add New and search for "x.ai"

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you will see a new option under the settings menu. When you go to that settings page, you have a few options. The easiest way to get started is to simply add your Calendar Page URL to the options and click save. 

You are now ready to add your calendar page to any page! Simply place this x.ai shortcode anywhere on your site:


It's that simple!

You can also modify the shortcode with an attribute called "page" in order to use a different page in the embed:

[xai-calendar page="/ammon/test"]

There are additional options, including the width and height of the embedded calendar. You can also switch to a popup calendar by choosing "Popup Lightbox" for the Type of Embed. Now your shortcode will insert a button that when clicked will open a popup calendar. You can adjust the width and height of the popup here, too.

If you do not like the default x.ai button, you can simply choose a different element on your page that will open the popup when clicked. Just add a CSS selector to the "Clickable element" field. Selectors can look like any of the following:

div > .clickable.link

Finally, if you choose the Inline iFrame option, you can style the iFrame to your liking. It has a CSS ID of "#xdotaiiframe" so you can add it to your CSS and style away!

Questions? Just contact support. Enjoy your effortless meetings!

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