Welcome to x.ai! We’re so glad you’re part of the scheduling network. This guide will help you learn the ins and outs of our platform so you can schedule meetings with ease.

To start, let’s walk through the primary ways to schedule a meeting.

How It Works

Share a link to a Calendar Page

Send your x.ai URL to your guests and they can choose a time to book the meeting. Create and share specific URLs for different types of meetings, like 1:1s, product demos, candidate interviews, and coffee catch-ups.

CC Amy or Andrew on an email

That’s right — you have your own AI scheduling assistant ready to handle all the coordination for you!

You’ll often see us refer to these types of meetings as “Ad hoc” meetings: They’re meetings that you initiate by copying amy@x.ai or Andrew@x.ai onto an email and telling them the details of the meeting you need to schedule. Amy and Andrew have visibility into your calendar and, after a quick confirmation of the details, they’ll communicate directly with your guest(s) to find a time to meet based on your availability.

How to Customize Your Preferences

Set Your Preferences For Virtual Meetings

To make sure Amy and Andrew know your default preferences for virtual meetings, add in your phone and conference call details and we'll automatically include them on meeting invites.

Add some physical locations

You can also add any physical locations where you meet for in-person meetings. These can include your office, favorite coffee shop, or where you like to meet for lunch.

Update Your Other Meeting Preferences

Now that x.ai knows how and where you like to meet, it’s also important to set your Ad hoc meeting preferences. These settings will allow Amy and Andrew to consider things like your typical scheduling hours (no meetings before 8 a.m., please!) as well as details about your preferred meeting locations. Customizing these helps to ensure Amy and Andrew will schedule meetings as accurately and efficiently as possible for you.

How to Set Up Your Calendar Page Meeting Types

You can create an unlimited number of Calendar Page links, so you can customize your preferences for each type of meeting you have.

Set up your Calendar Homepage link

Every user automatically gets a Calendar Homepage, which is a publicly visible “home” for all your meeting types. You can visit the Calendar Homepage preferences to edit the URL and add a description to the page.

You can choose to make some of your individual calendar pages private, which will hide them from your homepage. You can still share the link to them directly with people.

Schedule a Test Meeting!

You now understand how meetings are scheduled and you've set up your preferences. Way to go! You're ready to schedule meetings!

If you still feel a little unsure, go ahead and do some test meetings to see how both of our scheduling options work. We’ve even created a “real” account, JenBot, that you can schedule test meetings with.

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