It’s important to understand what your meeting guests will experience when you use to schedule your meetings. You can always test with yourself or friends, and we also built a tool to help you easily do this: Meet Jenbot, a real account (but not an actual person)!

Book a test meeting from a Calendar Page

Go to and click on “Book a Calendar Page.” 

You’ll be directed to Jenbot’s Calendar Homepage ( where you’ll see all of her public Calendar Pages.

Click on one of her Calendar Pages and choose a time.

Cool Feature Alert: When you visit a Calendar Page from another user, you'll see a green circle by dates and times where you have mutual availability. #schedulingnirvana

You'll then be prompted to enter your details. Click on the “Schedule Meeting” button and voila! The meeting will appear on your calendar instantly. Feel free to either cancel the meeting, reschedule it, or leave it on your calendar (though Jenbot won’t be joining 😉). 

Book a test Ad hoc meeting

To test the Ad hoc meeting experience of CCing in your AI scheduling assistant, click “Book a meeting over email” and a new email compose window will open automatically with Jenbot and included. Feel free to edit the pre-populated text:

Once you send the email, you’ll receive an email back asking you to confirm the meeting details. We do this to ensure your guests always receive the correct information.

From the confirmation email, you can either click “Update details” and test out the meeting edit page, or click “Book it now!” and Amy will start scheduling it.

Because you and Jenbot are both in the scheduling network, we can instantly compare your availability and the meeting will be scheduled automatically.

If you want to test out CCing to schedule a meeting with a user, you may have one in your list of suggested contacts or you can click the “Add Your Own Email” button.

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