This integration allows to include a unique link for all your Microsoft Teams meetings.
How do I set this up?
In order to use this, you must have a Microsoft calendar connected to If you do not, we won't be able to generate a unique link and you won't see an option for Microsoft Teams. You can connect additional calendars here.

If you already have a Microsoft calendar connected and want to check whether you are set up to create Microsoft Teams links, you can go to You'll see an option for Microsoft Teams. If you do not have a Microsoft Calendar connected, you'll see a button to connect an Office 365 Account. 

 Once you've connected a calendar, it will update to show as being connected and will be able to set up meetings with unique Microsoft Teams links. 

Once I've connected it, what do I do?
You can set Microsoft Teams to be the location for one of your Meeting Templates by going to Select the template you want to edit and Locations section. Select Microsoft Teams from the dropdown and hit save.

You can also request this via email or Slack when requesting a new meeting, i.e.
Scheduler, please set up a meeting over Microsoft Teams next week.

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