This integration allows to include a unique link for all your Microsoft Teams meetings.

Whether you make Microsoft Teams your default for Ad hoc meetings, add it to your Calendar Pages, or simply invoke it in an Ad hoc meeting, we’ll create the link for you and add it to the invitation.
How do I set this up?
In order to use this, you must have a Microsoft calendar connected to If you do not, we won't be able to generate a unique link and you won't see an option for Microsoft Teams. You can connect additional calendars here.

If you already have a Microsoft calendar connected and want to check whether you are set up to create Microsoft Teams links, you can go to You'll see an option for Microsoft Teams. If you do not have a Microsoft Calendar connected, you'll see a button to connect an Office 365 Account. 

 Once you've connected a calendar, it will update to show as being connected and will be able to set up meetings with unique Microsoft Teams links. 

How do I use it in Ad hoc Meetings?
For Ad hoc meetings, you can either set it as your default location or asking Amy/Andrew just when you need it.

You can set Microsoft Teams as your default location for Ad hoc meetings by going here. By setting it as your default, we'll always generate a unique Microsoft Teams link for your Ad hoc meetings unless you mention a different location type. 

If you don't want Microsoft Teams to be your default location, you can simply ask Amy or Andrew for a “Microsoft Teams” or “MS Teams” meeting when you need it, i.e. Amy, please set up a Microsoft Teams meeting with John next week.

How do I use it with my Meeting Templates and Calendar Pages?
You can edit an existing Meeting Template or create a new Meeting Template by going here, selecting Microsoft Teams as the location, and clicking Save at the bottom of the page. 

For the associated Calendar Pages and Slash Command meetings, we'll generate a unique Microsoft Teams link for you and include it on the invitation.

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