Individual and Team customers can now customize the scheduling flow for their Calendar Pages! By default, your guest will see's Meeting Confirmation page after they select a time on your Calendar Page, but you can change this by enabling the feature to redirect guests to an external site once they've selected a time and entered their contact information.

This preference can be found within your Meeting Templates under the Personalization section. Select the "Redirect guest to an external site" in the dropdown and then add the URL you'd like to send guests to.

For Free customers looking to enable this, you can upgrade to the Individual or Team tier here.

When the redirect feature is on, we will append the link with certain event information. The following fields will always be sent: 

  • Event_type_name 
  • event_start_time (in invitee timezone (iso8601 format))
  • event_end_time (in invitee timezone (iso8601 format))

We don't send participant information by default, but you can toggle that preference to turn it on. If you do, the following fields will be passed: 

  • Invitee_email
  • invitee_first_name
  • invitee_last_name
  • invitee_full_name

💡 Pro Tip: Any URL parameters that you add to your calendar page URL will also be passed on to your guest confirmation page!

This feature is only available for meetings scheduled through your Calendar Page, and it is not available for Ad hoc or Slash Command meetings. 

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