You can now create Combined Meeting Templates with other Members of your Team and share a Team Calendar Homepage that will display all public Team Meeting Templates.

This feature is only available to our Team users. Free and Individual users can upgrade here to get access to this feature.

What are Combined Meeting Templates?

Combined Meeting Templates allow you to create a Calendar Page with other members of your team. These calendar pages will display only the times that are available for all members on that templates. When a guest schedules, all team members on the meeting template and the guest are added to the calendar event.

Here's an example of what your guest will see - all times displayed will work for everybody on that combined meeting template.

You can only create Combined Calendar Pages with members that belong to your Team, and they must have a connected calendar. Combined calendar pages are great for scheduling meetings like:

  • sales calls with an account executive and a SDR

  • interviews with a recruiter and hiring manager

  • and more!

How do I set one up?
Go to and click on the New Combined Template button. You'll be able to select which team members to be included on this page, as well as customize when guests can book these events, personalize the page, and more. You can also make it private so that it won't be displayed on your Team Calendar Homepage.

You can add any of the members from your team, and you'll see a list of Team Members in the dropdown to select from.

If you aren't seeing anyone in that list, you can add them to the team on before creating a combined meeting template.

You can control who the organizer of the invite is and if that person has multiple calendars connected to, you can select which calendar you'd like the invite to be sent from.

What is a Team Calendar Homepage and how is it different then my personal Calendar Homepage?
The difference is which templates are displayed and which avatar is used. Your Team Calendar Homepage will show all of the public Team Meeting Templates and your team avatar, while your Personal Calendar Homepage will only show your personal meeting templates and your personal avatar. .

Team Meeting Templates will not show on your Personal Calendar Homepage.

You can send someone a link to either your Personal or Team Homepage and they can select the type of meeting they want to schedule.

Here is an example of a Team Calendar Homepage:

How can I customize my Team Calendar Homepage?
Team Admins can go to to manage their Team Calendar Homepage, including editing the URL, uploading a Team Avatar, and adding a description. Only Team Admins can make edits to the Team Calendar Homepage, but non-Admin members have access to a view-only version of this page.

I'm looking for Round Robin so that can match a guest with a team member who is free. Is that available?
Yes! We also support Round Robin Calendar Pages and you can learn more about that feature and how to set it up here.

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