When you are scheduling a meeting using the x.ai scheduling agents, Amy and Andrew, there are a number of ways to customize the meeting by simply telling them the meeting details. Here are some of the details our AI can detect.

Define date and time ranges

Our system is quite good at detecting the dates and times you wish to meet. You can state as many time windows, date ranges, or blocks of time as you wish.

“Andrew, schedule a meeting Tuesday from 11-4, Thursday 9-5, or Friday 10-3.”

“Amy, find us a time to meet the week of June 9th.”

“Andrew, schedule a Zoom call with Marty after August 3rd.”

Schedule a meeting for a specific time

Amy and Andrew can automatically schedule a meeting for a specific date and time that you and your guest(s) have already agreed on without the guest having to choose a time. Just tell them the specific date and time and they’ll send an invitation immediately. You can even include the time zone.

“Amy, please send Laney and I an invite for Friday at 3:30 for coffee.”

“Andrew, schedule a phone call for Monday at 11am CEST.”

“Hi Amy, book a Zoom meeting at 9:30 am PDT tomorrow.”

“Can you please schedule this meeting for Wed at 2pm?”

Customize Meeting Titles

If you’d like Amy and Andrew to use a custom title for a meeting you can tell them when you send them a request. Use a trigger word or phrase like title, subject, discuss, called, or name this meeting and be sure to always include quotation marks around the text you want as the title.

Andrew, title this meeting “Brian/James Westworld Watchathon”

Amy, the meeting subject is “Board Game Night!”

Andrew, schedule a call with Morgan, name the meeting “Morgan Interview”

Amy, schedule a meeting in the office with Rohan, call it “Learning Review”

Set guests as optional

By default, Amy and Andrew will consider everyone CCed on the email as a required participant. Sometimes not everyone on the email thread is required, so you can let Amy and Andrew know those people should be optional participants and they’ll ignore that person’s availability.

“Amy set up a meeting at the office next week so we can watch the SpaceX launch. Cary and Jon are optional.”

“Andrew, find time for us to have coffee for DnD. Mike is optional for this.”

Refer to guests by name

As long as the email addresses in the To and CC fields are formatted with a name and an email address (i.e. “Ammon Brown” <name@ example.com>) our system will attempt to parse their name from the To and CC fields. You can then use their name in the email. You can also refer to yourself using “I” or “me”!

“Amy, make Ammon optional.”

“Andrew, I do not need to be there.”

Add reminder meetings to your calendar

To add a meeting or reminder directly to your calendar, you can ask Amy or Andrew to find you some time during a given time frame or have them send an invite for a specific slot.

Andrew, please find me sometime next week to file my taxes, title this meeting “Taxes, ugh.”

Amy, please send me a reminder titled “Game of Thrones” this Sunday at 9pm.

Set the length of a meeting

You can let Amy and Andrew know how long you’d like a particular meeting to be with a simple cue. This will override any defaults you’ve set in your preferences for meeting length.

“Andrew, schedule a 45 minute phone call with John Snow.”

“Amy, please find us 15 minutes to grab a coffee”

“Andrew, please make this dinner an hour long.”

Schedule a meeting with you as optional

Amy and Andrew can schedule a meeting with you as an optional participant. They will use your default scheduling hours if no other participants are connected to x.ai.

“Amy, find time for a call next week. I’m optional”

“Andrew, schedule 30 minutes at the office for Kim and Bill to meet without me.”

“Amy, can you please set up a zoom conference with John and Noah. I am not needed.”

“Andrew, schedule a meeting without me next week in the afternoon.”

Conference Rooms

You can schedule a meeting with a conference room (for Team plans) simply by asking Andrew and Amy to find one for you.

“Amy schedule a nour next week with Dennis and please book a conference room.”

“Andrew, find 30 minutes on Friday with Charles, Michael, and Deborah. We’ll need a conference room.”

Location shortcuts

You can create a variety of physical locations and map them to certain shortcut words: Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee, and Office.

“Amy, please schedule a lunch for us next week”

“Adding Andrew here to get coffee set up”

“Andrew, find us an hour at my office next week.”

You can add your personal links for virtual call services like WebEx, GoToMeeting, JoinMe, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom for Amy and Andrew to include on your invites.

Once completed you can cue Amy and Andrew in with a request like this and they will recognize it:

“Amy, please schedule a WebEx call with Brian.”

“Andrew, Christian will be calling me on my conference line.”

“Hi James, Amy will set up a Skype Call for us to connect.”

You can connect your video conferencing service to x.ai so Amy and Andrew can use a unique link for all of the meetings they set up using that service. Currently we support Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams with more to come!

“Andrew, set up a Zoom call next week.”

“Amy, find time for us to connect via Google Meet next Wednesday.”

“Andrew set up a meeting with Michael, make it a Microsoft Teams meeting.”

Editing Meeting Details Before Scheduling

Before our AI begins reaching out to your guests to find a time to meet, you have an opportunity to customize a wide range of meeting details by clicking the “Update details” button in the meeting confirmation.

Optional participants

While you can set participants as optional in your meeting requests, such as “Dennis is optional” or “Matt does not need to be there,” you also have an opportunity to do so from the meeting page. When you receive the email confirmation, simply click “Update Details” and click the person icon next to the participant.

Time zones

You can set different time zones for each participant before our AI starts reaching out to your guests. Simply click their name to view the time zone options. This way your guests will be offered available times in their own time zone.


You can also designate one or more of your guests as a coordinator for other guests. Again, click on their name and check the Coordinator option and choose the guests for whom they are coordinating the meeting. This will cause our system to ask the coordinator for the other guests’ availability and we will not need the coordinator’s availability.

Time ranges

You can define a variety of time ranges, dates, or specific times on the meeting update page. Simply click the blue chooser and select your desired meeting windows and the AI will offer times to your guests with those constraints.

Conference rooms

Need to book a conference room? Once your team admin has added conference rooms you can request them in natural language or by checking the box on the meeting update page. Be sure to configure your favorite conference rooms for the AI to choose from!

Invitation Notes

Add notes to the invitation on the meeting page. We’ll use your default notes from your scheduling preferences but you can override these by clicking the Update Details button.

Commute time

Need time to get there and back for an in-person meeting? Add in commute time and we’ll put a padding on either side of the meeting to account for it.

Meeting Duration

Need 30 minutes? 45 minutes? 26 minutes? Just set it in the Update Details page.

Guest names

We do our best to detect guests’ names, but it will not always be right. If the guest’s name is not included alongside their email address in the To or CC fields, we will refer to them by the first portion of their email address. You can update this in the Update Details screen.

Meeting titles

You can reset the meeting title as well, simply click Update Details and add your preferred title at the top of the meeting edit page.

Common mistakes to avoid

Forwarding an email

The x.ai system will not pick up the details of a meeting from a forwarded email or from previous replies on an email thread. This is because it can be extremely “noisy” in a long email chain, especially when multiple potential meeting times had been proposed across multiple emails in a thread, the way scheduling was done in the before-times. If you want to use the details from a prior email, simply copy and paste it into your email to Andrew or Amy, they’ll pick it up!

Specifying email addresses in the body of the email

Andrew and Amy will not try to pick up email addresses from the body of an email. Once again, this is because such emails can get very noisy and it is nearly impossible to determine whether you wanted those addresses on the meeting or not. There are a few good solutions… You can CC the participant (try @mentioning them in the body of the email, it works!), you can add them to the meeting after the fact by clicking the “Update Details” button in the confirmation email, or you can use our Slack integration which does pick up email addresses in the scheduling messages.

Adding information to slash commands

Using a slash command is the same as using a calendar page - indeed they are both based on your meeting templates - and as such your guests choose the time and date for the meeting according to the settings of your meeting template. When you need a specific time for a meeting, simply describe it in an email or create a one-time link from your x.ai account.

Multiple meetings per email thread

The x.ai system manages one meeting per email thread. This is so that any replies to the same thread trigger management of the existing meeting rather than inadvertently creating a new meeting each time. If you need another meeting, you can request a follow up from the meeting page, you can create a new email thread, or you can create a new meeting from your x.ai account.

Language Support

Not only can you request a meeting in natural language, but you can request a meeting in any language! View the full list of languages supported by x.ai.

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