When Scheduler, Amy, or Andrew reach out to your guests to schedule a meeting on your behalf, you can now preview Scheduler/Amy/Andrew’s correspondences with your guests before reaching out to them! This ensures you’re always in control, no surprises. You can tweak your constraints and review the email Amy will send as many times as you want!

You can preview the email that will be sent to every guest in the meeting directly from updating or editing a meeting (from https://my.x.ai/home, https://my.x.ai/meetings or any action button to edit or update in Slack or email), with the “Preview email” button on the bottom. If there are multiple guests, you’ll be able to view all of the emails by clicking the arrow or “Next email” button.

When you request a meeting with another x.ai user, the meeting will be scheduled instantly without ANY emails. This is because we already know everyone’s availability and preferences:

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