To customize your meeting titles, go to and select one of the options for how to format the title of your calendar invitations.

OK, but what do these options mean?

  • Dynamic Smart Titles: We'll automatically detect what type of meeting this is (call, meeting, coffee, etc.) and include your guest(s) and your information plus company information when available.

  • Host(s), Guest(s) | Meeting Template Title: Your titles will have the host's name plus the number of people on the host's team as well as the guests plus the meeting template title when available. i.e.: Ammon (2), Marcus (3) | Demo Call

  • Guest(s), Host(s) | Meeting Template Title: Same as above, but your guests go first.

  • Host Company <> Guest(s) | Meeting Template Title: We'll group your guests together as in the above examples, but lead with your company name so they know with whom they are meeting.

  • Meeting Template Title: Simply use the title of the meeting template. No bells or whistles.

Using the Email Subject

There is an option that you can toggle to use the email subject if there is no Meeting Template Title. There are a few things to keep in mind with this option.

  • When you schedule over email we'll use the subject line instead of the <Meeting Template Title> unless you are using a template shortcut, in which case the Meeting Template title associated with that template will be used.

  • When you schedule a meeting over email you can specify your title and override all of these settings by putting your desired title in quotes and preceding it with keywords like, "call it" or "title it".

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