It's now even easier to share a set of time options with your guest. There are several ways for you to easily access this feature throughout and the Chrome Extension.

On, you can click on the "Schedule Meeting" button in the upper left hand corner and then click "Copy and Paste Times". You'll see 5 of your meeting templates and can select which template you want to use. If you want to use one of the templates not shown in the list, click on View templates to be taken to your full list.

You can also access this from the "Your calendar pages" box on the right hand side of by clicking on the Clock icon.

If you are using the Chrome Extension, you can either hit the Clock icon or click on the three dots to open up a menu of advanced options and select "Copy Times."

Once you've picked a Meeting Template, you can select up to 3 days when you want the meeting to happen. If you happen to know that your guest is in a different timezone, you can adjust the timezone so the times are displayed in your guest's local time.

When you click "Finish and Copy Times", will generate up to 3 times per day that match with the meeting template's preferences and your overall availability and copy them to your clipboard. These times will be formatted using HTML, but you have the option to copy a text only version if you are sending the times using something that doesn't support HTML, such as text messages or Linkedin messages.

You can paste those times directly into an email and click send. Your guest can choose any of those time options and complete scheduling by adding their name and email address. If none of the times work for your guest, they can view more options by going to your calendar page to view your full availability.

Customers on our Free tier will see the Powered by link included, but that line is not included for Individual and Team customers.

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