In addition to Amy and Andrew, you can use Scheduler as an AI scheduling tool to help you set up meetings over email and Slack.

How do I start using

Scheduler works exactly the same way that Amy and Andrew do — simply add into an email to start scheduling a meeting.

You can use Scheduler, Amy, and Andrew interchangeably, and you can change between all three options at any time, simply by CCing, andrew@x.aiandrew, or

For any meetings booked directly on, emails will automatically come from the scheduling assistant you most recently used.

Why Should I Use Scheduler?

In addition to being a neutral, non-binary option, may be preferred by people who want a “software-like” option to make it easier for their guests to understand how to interact with the tool.

How Should I Introduce Scheduler to My Guests?

You can introduce Scheduler just as you might introduce Amy or Andrew. Here are some examples:

Hey Mario. Great chat yesterday, As agreed, let's meet up to finalize. Scheduler, book a 30 minute zoom call next week.

Hi Diane, I’m copying in my scheduling tool to help us find time to meet. Scheduler, find 45 minutes in late August over Google Meet and call this "Tech Due Diligence"

Scheduler will then send time options to your guests over email.

Can I use Scheduler with my Team features?

Yes! Team users can set up Scheduler on their own domain and use instead of You can find more information on how to set up Scheduler on your domain here.

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