So you signed up for a team plan with Now what? Use this guide to get your entire team off on the right foot so you can schedule like pros! This article will assume you have already gotten your own account set up.

An additional prerequisite is to ensure that your Gsuite or Office365 installation is set up to allow your users to connect their calendars to Read detailed requirements (or send them to your system administrator) in the for system administrators help article.

Set up your shared billing

The team plan bills per user. This means that each team member who is added to your team will be added to your invoice. Adding a team member during a billing cycle will prorate the cost for that user for that billing cycle so that your bill date never changes. You should update your billing information on the subscription page. You can update your team's name and the billing address and payment method on this page. Note that adding a scheduling assistant to your own domain is included in your plan and will not incur any additional charges from

Set up your shared resources

Before you begin adding your team members, you will want to configure a few of the team features that you'll be sharing. Most of the team preferences are found under the Team Dashboard option found in the top menu:

First things first, your team plan comes with the ability to replace the logo in emails and on your Calendar Pages. Go to your Team Preferences page and upload your logo. We recommend a square image with padding around the logo because it will be rounded in most contexts. Just click the camera icon to upload your own.

Give your AI assistants an email on your own domain

Next, you'll want to set up an email address for Scheduler, Amy, and/or Andrew on your own domain. On the same Team Preferences page, you will find instructions for creating their email addresses on your Google Apps or Office365 system and connecting them to Note that this is entirely optional feature, as you can always use,, or

Configure conference rooms

If you have conference rooms you would like to use when scheduling meetings, you can connect them here as well. You will need to connect as a Gsuite or Office365 administrator and connect to your organization's resources. Read the full instructions for connecting conference rooms for further information and troubleshooting. It is recommended that you connect all of the conference rooms that you use. You team members will be able to individually set their favorites from the list you connect.

Create your team Calendar Homepage

Finally, you will want to create a Team Calendar Homepage to house all of your team's Round Robin and Combined Calendar Pages. This page will contain a list of all of your public Team Calendar Pages and will have your logo on it. Head over to your Scheduling Preferences and choose a URL for your team. Note that this is separate from your personal calendar page.

Create your team Calendar Pages

When you're ready, you and your team members can create unlimited Round Robin and Combined Calendar Pages for any combination of team members. Note: Admins of your team plan can see every Team Calendar Pages. Individual Team Members can only see Team Calendar Pages that they're a member of.

There's always a link to your team Calendar Pages on your homepage, in addition to your personal Calendar Pages.

Bonus: Install the Slack App for your team

To take your scheduling to the next level and instantly schedule meetings directly in Slack with your team members, check out the Slack integration. Using simple slash commands in Slack, you can instantly find times with team members whether or not they have connected their calendars.

Invite your team members

Now that your account is configured and your team features are ready to go, it's time to invite your team members! Head back to your Team Dashboard and go to Team Members page from the menu on the left.

Click the "Add Team Member" button at the top to begin inviting your team. All you need is first name, last name, and email address.

What happens next?

Once you have added a team member, we will send them an invitation letting them know that their account is now active and they can log into the system to set up their account. Note that they will not need to confirm the invitation from the email unless they already have a separate paid account with Their new account will have already been created, they merely have to log into it using the email address you invited and connect their calendar. If they lose track of the invitation email, they can always log in directly on by authenticating with their Google or Microsoft credentials.

You will know whether your team members have accepted the invitation based on whether they have connected a calendar. This will be reflected in the team member dashboard:

Once they log in

Once your team members have logged in and connected a calendar, they should follow the standard steps of setting up their scheduling preferences and configuring their meeting templates. One extra step they should take is to select their favorite conference rooms under the conference room scheduling preferences.

Need more help?

We're happy to assist! Whether you need to bulk-add more than a handful of team members, schedule a kickoff call with our team and yours, or get technical support, we're here to help. Simply email or open a chat through our live chat feature.

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