You can now create Round Robin Meeting Templates with other Members of your Team. This feature is only available to our Team users. Free and Individual users can upgrade here to get access to this feature.

What are Round Robin Calendar Pages?

Round Robin Calendar Pages allow your guest to select a time with any available team member. When using a Round Robin Calendar Page, the guest will see all of the available times (within the template preferences) that work for at least one of the team members.

The guest can select the time that works best for them. When more than one team member is available at a selected time, the host will be assigned randomly and only one team member and the guest receive an invite.

Here's an example of what your guest will see - all times displayed work for at least one of the team members on the page.

You can only create Round Robin Calendar Pages with members that belong to your Team, and they must have a connected calendar. These calendar pages are great for scheduling meetings like:

  • Sales/Business Development: Allow prospects to pick a time with any available team member for the initial demo or discovery call

  • Customer Success: Allow customers to meet with any available team member at their convenience

  • and more!

How do I set one up?
Go to and click on the New Round Robin Template button. You'll be able to select which team members to be included on this page, as well as customize when guests can book these events, personalize the page, and more. You can also make it private so that it won't be displayed on your Team Calendar Homepage.

You can add any of the members from your team, and you'll see a list of Team Members in the dropdown to select from.

If you aren't seeing anyone in that list, you can add them to the team on before creating a combined meeting template.

You are able to set a different location for each member on the template, so if one person prefers to take their calls over Zoom and another prefers to call the guest directly, the meeting template will support that. You can also set which calendar an invitation should be added to, so if you or a team member has multiple calendars connected to, you can specify which one to add the events into.

I'm looking for a calendar page that will show combined availability with someone on my team. Is that available?
It sure is! We call those Combined Calendar Pages and you can learn more about that feature here.

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