⚠️ This feature is available to users on the Individual and Team plan. Free users can upgrade here to get access to the Stripe Integration.

You can now connect your Stripe account to x.ai and require guests to pay when booking through one of your Calendar Pages! This can help reduce no-shows and save you time.

How do I connect my Stripe Account to x.ai?
If you are an Individual user, you can go to my.x.ai/payments and click the "Connect with Stripe" button. Once connected, you'll be able to set up Calendar Pages that require payment.

If you are a Team user, a Team Admin needs to set this up by going to my.x.ai/admin/payments and clicking the "Connect with Stripe" button. Once connected, you and other members of your x.ai team will be able to set up Calendar Pages, including Combined and Round Robin Calendar pages, to require payment at the time of booking.

The "Connect with Stripe" button takes you through Stripe's oAuth flow and securely connects your Stripe account to the x.ai system.

Note: This feature is only available when a guest books through your Calendar Page, and it is not available if you use an email shortcut.

Does x.ai take a fee?
Nope, x.ai does not take a fee. Stripe does charge a fee in accordance to the type of Stripe account you have, and you can view more information about Stripe's fees here.

How much access does x.ai have to my Stripe account?
Stripe offers 2 levels of permissions when connecting an account: read only or read and write. In order to create a charge on your behalf, read and write access is required and that is what x.ai requests. x.ai does not have access to view credit card numbers or copy them off Stripe. You can find more information about Stripe's security, permissions and access levels here.

How do I set my Calendar Page to collect payments from my guests?

Once your Stripe account has been connected, it's quick and easy to add this to your Calendar Pages.

Go to my.x.ai/calendarpage/templates and click to edit one of your Meeting Templates. There is a section called "Collect Payments" and you have the option to set whether or not to collect payment for this Calendar Page.

If you set to collect payment, you can customize the amount to be collected and the currency.

If you are a Team user, this setting is also available on your Combined and Round Robin Calendar Pages and you can go to my.x.ai/calendarpage/team/templates to update a Team Calendar Page.

What currencies can I accept payment in?
The following currencies are supported:
$ USD - United States Dollar
$ AUD - Australian Dollar

$ CAD - Canadian Dollar

€ EUR - Euro

£ GBP - Pound Sterling

+ 135 additional currencies! You can see the full list of supported currencies here.

How do I stop collecting payment for one of my Calendar Pages?
You can turn off requiring payment for a Calendar Page by going to edit that Meeting Template and selecting the "Do not collect payment" option, and hitting Save at the bottom of the page. Any future meetings booked through that Calendar Page will not require payment.

To disconnect your Stripe account from x.ai completely:

Disconnecting your Stripe account will also mean that any calendar pages previously set to collect payment will no longer ask guests for payment information.

What will my guests see when they schedule a meeting?
When a guest books through a calendar page that requires payment, they will be asked for their payment details after they've selected a time. Payment details are required before the meeting is scheduled.

If you have the preference turned on to approve meetings before they get scheduled, your guest will still be charged when they've requested the meeting.

What happens if my guest's credit card fails?
The meeting will only get scheduled if the payment succeeds. If the payment is declined by Stripe, the meeting will not get booked.

I have the preference turned on that requires I approve all meetings before they get scheduled. When does the guest get charged?

The guest will still be asked for their payment information and charged when they request the meeting with you.

Where can I see if payment was collected for a meeting?
You can always check your Stripe dashboard, but within my.x.ai, you can check the Meeting Page to see whether payment was collected. If payment was collected, the amount will show on the meeting details.

Does x.ai process refunds? What about if the meeting gets cancelled?
No, any refunds must be processed directly through your Stripe Dashboard and x.ai's Customer Success team will direct guests to contact you directly with any questions related to payment.

What about if the meeting gets cancelled?
x.ai does not process a refund in the event a meeting gets cancelled - if you need to refund the payment, you can do so through your Stripe dashboard and x.ai will send meta data to your Stripe account so that you can identify which meeting the payment is associated with. The meta data will include the calendar page link that your guest booked through, the link to the meeting on my.x.ai, the meeting title, and the time and date of the scheduled meeting.

I want to set up PayPal, not Stripe.
If you are interested in a PayPal integration, reach out to laney@human.x.ai.

How can I offer a coupon to my customers?

You can configure private, passcode-protected Calendar Pages to offer your guests a discount when booking time with you. Follow the step-by-step instructions.

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