What are Meeting Reminders?
Meeting Reminders are a notification that go out to your guests ahead of the meeting time as a friendly reminder that they are scheduled to meet with you.

Users on the Individual or Team plan have the option of customizing the timing and personalizing the message their guests receive.

Free users cannot customize the timing or the message, but they can turn the feature on or off. By default, it is turned on in their Scheduling

How do I set up a Meeting Reminder?
From any Meeting Template or your Default Meeting Template, go to the Meeting Reminders section to add, customize, or remove a reminder. Each of your Meeting Templates can have different rules about whether to send a Meeting Reminder.

Every new x.ai user starts off with a default reminder in their Default Meeting Template that will be sent 1 hour before the meeting. Individual and Team plan users can change the timing of when a reminder will be sent, how many reminders should be sent, and they can also fully customize the message of the reminder.

Free users can turn the reminder on or off, but they cannot change the timing, add multiple reminders, or customize the message. Free users can upgrade here to get additional access.

You can turn the Meeting Reminders off by clicking the "X" next to the Timing dropdown.

I'm a Free user. What will my guests see?
If you are on our Free plan, you can turn Meeting Reminders on or off, but you aren't able to customize the time or personalize the message. Your guests will receive a message like this 24 hours before the meeting time if you have it turned on.

To customize the timing and message, you can upgrade to our Individual or Team plan here.

I'm an Individual or Team user. How do I customize when and what my guests will see?
If you are on our Individual or Team plan, you can customize when the Meeting Reminder is sent to be a certain number of days, hours, or minutes before the meeting time and personalize the message that your guests receive.

You can add multiple reminders and personalize the Subject and Email body of each one. There are a set of variables available to you so you can insert specific information from the meeting details using the "Insert variable" dropdown menu. The following variables are available for you:

  • Meeting title — [meeting_title]

  • Meeting time — [meeting_time]; this includes the timezone of the recipient

  • Meeting date — [meeting_date]

  • Meeting duration — [meeting_duration]

  • Guest’s first and last name — [guest_first_name] [guest_last_name]

You can also embed links in the text with the format: [display text](url) and if you'd like to add a link to the Meeting Page on my.x.ai, so your guests can make changes easily, you can use the variable [my.x.ai Meeting Page Link] and follow the same syntax of [display text]([my.x.ai Meeting Page Link)].

If you are on the Team plan and have the setting turned on to use your Company Logo on emails, your company logo will be shown on Meeting Reminders.

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