The Meeting Creator makes it easy to schedule a meeting with any number of people. You can select one of your Meeting Templates, add or update any additional meeting details, add your guests’ email addresses, and start scheduling in seconds. You can opt to have the Scheduling AI — Scheduler, Amy, or Andrew — email these to your guests or you can send them yourself via a One-Time Link.

Select a Meeting Template and add any additional information
To start, go to the Meeting Creator and pick from your Meeting Templates. If you don't update the Meeting Template, the system will use your Default Meeting Template.

Once you've selected a Meeting Template, you can add any additional information. You can easily include additional date and time preferences. This will generate available time slots in a custom date and/or time range.

You can even set a specific date and time for the meeting, which can be especially useful when your guest has already shared their availability. Scheduling with your Meeting Template ensures all of your preferences are applied, including your customizations for Record & Transcribe, Pre-Meeting Reminders, and Post-Meeting Actions.

When you set a date and time, skips the step of sending time options to your guests. Instead, Scheduler will send your guest(s) a confirmation email letting them know that you’ve scheduled the meeting.

You can also update any of the other available fields, including adding a specific meeting title, updating the duration, changing the location, building in commute time, and adding a note to the invite.

Add your guests
Then, add your guests' email addresses. You can set each guests' time zone ahead of time, and you can also mark whether anyone is optional (including yourself!) or is coordinating for another guest (which lets them choose times on their behalf).

You can also customize an email introduction to your guests that will be sent from the Scheduling AI. This will be sent along with time options for the meeting and helps set the context for your guests.

Start scheduling
When you click on the “Start scheduling” button, Scheduler will immediately email a selection of your available times to the guests you added. From the email, your guests can choose a time and confirm their information on to book the meeting. They can also click a link to view more times, which brings them to a page where they can see a broader range of your availability.

When your guest(s) confirm a time, sends out the event invite to everyone on your behalf.

Pro Tip: Click the "Preview email" button to see the actual email and time options that Scheduler will send to your guests.

Meeting Creator + Scheduling Nirvana

When you use the Scheduling AI to book a meeting with other users, the meeting can be scheduled instantly without ANY emails. This is because we already know everyone’s availability and preferences. If your colleague is busy, the tool will tell you immediately so you can tune the time/date range to one that works for everyone.

Create a One-Time Link

After you add your meeting details, you can also opt to create a One-Time Link to send to guests yourself. You can create a link for one or multiple guests by adding in their email address - won't email them to propose times, but the email is so our system can keep track of who has added their availability.

You can either use your Default Meeting Template or pick from your Personal Meeting Templates.

The link is automatically copied to your clipboard and is ready for you to share with your guests, by email, message, or even text.

Your guests will be able to choose from your available times to book the meeting.

Note: If you send a One-Time Link, all of your guests will need to select times from the link, whether they are users or not.

Learn more about One-Time Links.

How to Access Meeting Creator

Type into your browser to bring you directly to the Meeting Creator. Type to start creating a One-Time Link.

On, click on the Schedule Meeting button in the top right corner for quick access to Send via or One-Time Link. You also have fast access to copy a link to one of your meeting templates.

The full functionality of the Schedule Meeting button is also available from the Chrome extension.

You can also quickly access the Meeting Creator (along with your account) from directly.

Pre-fill information on Meeting Creator

You can easily pre-fill information on the Meeting Creator by adding parameters to the Meeting Creator link. You can also use - just fill out those few inputs, and we'll send you straight to the Meeting Creator with those details pre-filled.

If you want to make the URL yourself, you can pre-fill the following fields:

  • Meeting Template - xai_template=

  • Meeting Title - title=

  • Introduction - introduction=

  • Guests - guests= or meetWith=

In terms of syntax, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use a question mark ? before the first parameter

  • The information after the enter sign = is what will be pre-filled

  • When using multiple parameters, separate them with an ampersand &

  • If you need to add a space, you can use %20, i.e. for a double first name xai_firstname=Anna%20Claire

Here is an example of how the full link might look using your /phone Meeting Template as the example -,

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