x.ai users with Individual and Team subscriptions can connect their Zoom accounts to generate unique meeting links that will be automatically included when x.ai schedules the meeting. You can connect your Zoom account on my.x.ai/calls.

Beginning on September 27, 2020, Zoom will require all meetings to have a passcode or a Waiting Room enabled. Zoom previously implemented this for their free Basic users in May 2020.

In coordination with these updates, our Individual and Team users will now see Zoom Passcodes on the Event Description in the calendar invitation, as well as on the x.ai Meeting Page.

Passcodes will also be included in your Daily Meeting Prep email, alongside the name, title, company, and LinkedIn URL for every guest in the meeting.

x.ai will include the passcode in these places, even if you have enabled the Zoom setting to embed the passcode in the invite link.

My Zoom settings have the passcode turned on, but it isn't showing up on meeting invites from x.ai. How do I fix that?
Depending on the type of Zoom account you have, you may need to "lock" the passcode setting. This is a requirement from Zoom so that their API will generate a password. You may need to check with a Zoom administrator to ensure this setting is locked.

I'm a Free x.ai user and I added my static Zoom link, but how can I make sure the passcode shows up?
You can add both your static Zoom link and your static Zoom passcode on my.x.ai/calls in the static Zoom link field. This will ensure your passcode information is displayed in the calendar invitation, my.x.ai meeting page, and Daily Meeting Prep.

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