All users can now set a preferred time format as either 12 hours (AM/PM) or 24 hours, which will apply to how we display times across the tool.

To update this, you can go to and select your preferred format.

Your preferred time format will be used throughout the scheduling tool. If you've set your format to 24 hours, your guests will be shown times in that format in all places where they can select a time. This includes all scheduling emails, your Calendar Pages, and any page where a guest can select a time.

In addition, will automatically detect your guests’ timezones to show them localized options. If your guest is in a different timezone or prefers a different format, they can easily change their timezone and toggle between AM/PM and 24-hour times on any time selector.

Best of all: will remember your guests’ time format preferences and show that the next time they’re booking a new meeting or rescheduling an existing one.

Your preferred time format will also be used through, so when you are looking at the Meeting Page or, all meeting times will be listed in your preferred format.

Your Daily Meeting Prep will also reflect your setting, making sure you're prepared. A meeting set for 0900 hrs is very different from one being held at 2100 hrs!

The tool also recognizes when users are booking time with other users and automatically displays everyone’s preferred time format.

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